Mother of Yubari

Michiyo is 65 years-old hairdresser, born and raised in Yubari. People call her “mother of Yubari”. No matter how the city has bankrupted and has changed she survived with just one pair of sesser for the past 50 years. Her motto is “work creates your life and happiness”. She is an independent woman and has been an icon of the city. Michiyo welcomes people and many guests visits her from over the world including movie star, TV caster, athletes, and young officer who became present mayor of Yubari.







Former Mayor of Yubari

New generations who were attracted to Yubari problems move to the city. Former mayor of Yubari, Naomichi became the youngest mayor in Japan at age of 29 and has taken on the challenge to reconstruct the city. Tradition, memories, and strong bond counters against change. Suzuki introduced “compact city” to make ex-miners to move and gather into one new community.




A Japanese journalist and documentary film  director, she won a silver award for the documentary  "Lonely Death" , (Channel News Asia). Other broadcast credits include BBC, Ecoinomist , Al Jazeera and Vice. Shiori is driven by human right and gender based stories, and was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary for BBC2, ‘Japan’s Secret Shame’ - about her own struggle as a rape survivor and how she battled the broken justice system, where speaking about sex crimes remains strictly taboo. Her book 'The Black box' about Japan's sexual violence won the Best Journalism Award at FPAJs.




London based, award-winning journalist and director/producer. Her documentary film 'Fay Presto: Queen of Close-up', has been nominated at BAFTA-Recognized film festivals, awarded at BFI Southbank and won prize at NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. She has earned producer credits at the BBC, Al Jazeera and also worked with projects for Swedish Television, NPR and The Guardian.  Hanna and Shiori developed and produced the documentary ‘Japan’s Secret Shame’ for BBC2 This World together with the production company True Vision.



Camera & Associate Producer

Award-winning filmmaker, works in Los Angeles and Tokyo. Yuta has directed, filmed and edited for History Channel, ABC; as well as brands Nikon, Sony, and Japan Airline. The feature documentary he edited, ‘Resistance is Life” had been screened more than 20 international film festivals and won best documentary and audience award at San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Dances with Films, San Diego Film Festival, Covellite International Film Festival, Macon Film Festival, Scad Savannah Film Festival.



Camera & Sound

Beijing based freelance journalist. She has worked for Reuters in Tokyo as a video journalist, working on earthquake recovery and aging society related projects. She works for South China Morning Post  and creates video journals.



Still Photographer

Hidemi grew up in Mexico and United States. Since she was aware of time difference from Japan and became fascinated with astronomy, many of her works are related to the earth and space. She has shot portraits for Asahi News,  Jiji Press, and weekly magazine AERA.



Story Producer

Nicholas is an award winning UK based film maker specialising in documentaries set in the Asia Pacific region. His films have broadcast globally on Al Jazeera, CNBC, Vice and Channel News Asia amongst others.




Apo W. Bazidi is an award-winning filmmaker who has been interested in storytelling and writing since he was a child. Apo was later inspired and encouraged by his mentor, Angelo Ciaffi, to pursue his passion for a career in film. He began studying film at City College of San Francisco in 2006 and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television Production from the University of Southern California in 2011. Apo's films are primarily concerned with social issues and the importance of global cultural interactions. He believes in making a positive change and his motto is "be creative and inspire".

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